Notification Emails cannot forward to user's profile page?

I'm trying to set the links in generic comment email notifications to forward the recipient to their profile. In the actions/comments/add i'm seeing this:

// notify if poster wasn't owner
if ($entity->owner_guid != $user->guid) {

Instead of the entity being returned, i want that link to direct the user to their profile page instead of the entity url. Do i need to replace $entity->getURL(), with $page_owner?

everything i've tried is not working...???

  • No, you want to use the owner of the entity. $entity->getOwner()

  • Oi! of course! a little tired when i was working on this...thanks Cash.

    Just a side note for anyone interested in what i've been doing with this-I did a little change with what i'm mentioning above, I replaced $entity->getURL(), with $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] to direct the user to the page of the content being referenced in the if it was a post let's say on the user's profile river(using river_comments) then the link will direct them to their profile, if posted on an image(using tidypics) then it will direct them to the image location.

    Hope this helps anyone in need.  : )