Need Extensive Help

I co-own a social networking site at  We are running ELGG 1.7.3 on a dedicated server.  We are having one problem after the other.  We were running 1.7.1 and had a bunch of problems, so just updated to 1.7.3 and still have problems.  The problems are a whole bunch of things, including very slow page load times.  We have a large network (over 5000 before moving to a new server and implementing ELGG for the first time.  1800 of our members moved with us to the new site, but now we have so many problems we are losing members who get frustrated with us.

I am not the techie, my partner is, but he is not all that familier with ELGG.

We need some extensive help.  We are a free site, and our funds are very limited, but we will be willing to pay what we can for some good help. 

Please look us over at and let us know if you can help.

Thanks so much!


  • Without any information on what is going wrong, it is impossible to provide assistance.

  • I am not after somebody just offering comments based on a couple things that might be said here.  I am after somebody who can really help by going to the site and seeing for themselves, and then who would be willing to spend some time with us.  I would be happy to put anybody willing to help in touch with my techie partner.

  • Then this is the wrong group. You're looking for professional services (and I see you already have a post there). I'm closing this thread.

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