Speed up elgg

well ... following up some instructions in Pagespeed plugin by google for firefox, i did a very good performance optimization for elgg.


i created a second Domain, lets say (2domain.com) then i add a subdomain to it like like statics.2domain.com , images.2domain.com, and themes.2domain.com.


i go under my theme folder in mod, and changes all css files under the views from pointing to the (root) to this new domains, ex. (root)/mod/blog/images/icon.jpg >>  http://images.2domain.com/mod/blog/images/icon.jpg ( its just an example, there is no code like this :))) ) .


i goes for that for all images, js, css, files ...


what it really does that all this statics files parallized when it downloaded from 4 recources, and its not wait to download in row. 2nd .. it serve it from cookieless domain, ( the main domain always set cookies for elgg and analytic and facebook connections ... and so on ) so it download the static files once and then load it from pc's every time. and you can set the .htaccess file to set its caching duration.

my idea now ... this technics is used by google, yahoo, facebook, and all the major sites on the net. and considering the speed of a social communty portals means, users will browse more, and return more ... so it is an imorptant factor in createing a social website.


you can do those steps manual .. and you can get more optimaization by hacking the elgg core files, but isn't it much better to find an option in the core of elgg that give you the the ability of doing this without hacking any file and suffering everytime you update the elgg system or installing new plugin??


we can you tools pagespeed, and yspeed ... etc, to but plans of how making elgg giving the users the best experiance and an easy browsing.


you can try pagespeed to find out more ideas on how you can do that, and tell me what you think.