Remove Footer from specific pages? Help!

I'm looking to remove the footer from my custom_index page...any ideas? Plugin hooks?

  • ha ha ha.. looking for even more more freebie code lolzies ;-O you are gonna have to publish your full code before i look at solutions.. ps: i caught the register problem in abt 30 secs lolz ;-D

  • If its in custom index look at your custom codes and inside your theme page_elements footer.php

  • @Dhrup - I know, you were on that post about the mismatched passwords bug! nice work.  Glad I found it and brought it up...serious issue in need of fixing.

    As for the removing the footer from custom index, nothing special, just looking to remove it from my home page...from what i'm seeing, the footer is being called on every page by the pageshell.php file.

    I wanna keep it on all pages except the home page (using custom index)

  • @tri
    define "homepage" ?
    do you mean the logged-out page, dashboard or riverdashboard or other themed "homepage" ?
    too many options...
    ps: remember that webgalli only caught my code typo omission while i gave the correct solution lolz ;-)

  • All credit->Drhup : )

    'homepage' is the logged-out page, yes...should have been more clear.

  • @ Jaxcatz-sorry, you're not invisible : )

    I looked through the files of Custom_Index but the pageshell.php file is still adding the footer to every page. Whatchya think?