Updating overwrote some changes..

So... I upgraded to 1.1, great stuff. However, I had some customizations to the ./languages/en.php file, and we had also made some updates to ./_graphics - is it possible that I can include these changes in my theme plugin so in the future they won't get overwritten? (i.e. ajax_loader.gif) As for the languages file, if I copy my old one back in, i find missing messages i.e. systemmessage:dismiss (i think thats what it was).



Phillip Roberts

  • Hi Phillip
    Sure, make sure any custom graphics go into a theme plugin and are referenced by the themes css.
    Ditto for any language customisations - they too should be added as a plugin.

    This way you won't lose your changes when upgrading.

  • So, let me make sure I understand you correctly...

    If I put my files that are in <webroot>/_graphics in <webroot>/mod/<themedir>/_graphics/ and put <webroot>/mod/<themedir>/languages/ it will work?

    My big question with the languages file is if my languages file only contains my modified messages, but not other messages, will the site look to the <webroot>/languages/languagefile.php file for the ones that aren't in the plugin?


    Let me know if I need to clarify that a bit...



  • Pete -

    Looks like I get it. I took apart the tidypics plugin which really extends everything. Language, Graphics, Groups, Users etc. etc. I was able to get a good grasp of theme modification and plugins from that.

    Thanks for your help!


  • @pete Could you point the way to making an override for languages/en.php?

    What would the start.php look like?



  • Steve,

    All you would really need to do is initialize the plugin with the system to be honest, like you were creating a theme. So for example -


    function theme_init() {




  • Hmmm. I'm not able to get that to work for me. There must be more to it, or I am missing something.