Migrated & Upgraded - Lost pictures, avatars

Problem is with my data folder as I can't add anything new or see my old data. 

I've moved it from ubuntu to cent.  The site runs and I can navigate but no pictures/avatars are showing up.

I even chmod 777 and changed owners to apache:apache

Turned off simple cache.

Any other thoughts?

  • Did you migrate to the new server and then check that everything was working before trying the upgrade?

  • Good point.  I toasted everything and migrated it over.  Everything is working great on the new server.  I upgrade to 1.73 and I get 'Form is missing _token or _ts field' error  -  when I do anything.

    Toasted again.  Reinstalled, verified it was working then disabled all mods.  Removed all mods and upgraded (so only core mods would be there when upgrading).  Using the core mods only I still get the same error when attempting to change mod order or enable.

    Not sure what I did but I'm going to have to stick with 1.6.1 I guess.  Or at least until there is a way to export the student folders into a new elgg.

    Thanks for the input though!

  • Make sure you update the .htaccess file when you do the upgrade (it's part of the instructions).

  • Yuppers - did that one.  The only thing 'funky' so to speak was that it moved from Ubuntu to Cent but it does work well on the new box before upgrade.  Who knows.  Maybe someday there will be an export feature where I can just export data and import into another elgg.