I can not install elgg

By eu

Hello, I'm Having trouble installing elgg.
Ja did all the steps so Correctly less (System settings) But Whenever I fill everything click and save it directs me to page 404 of my site.
What Can it be happening? Can someone solve this for me, I pass my username and password on the host.
I want very much Able to install elgg.

  • It could be that your site URL or the path to your root directory or data directory was not correctly entered. Some of these fields are pre-filled by Elgg but unfortunately the installer might guess wrong. Also unfortunatly once you have saved these values - and then see the 404 error on the next page - they are already in the database and you won't be able to change them during the installation anymore.

    You could alter them manually in the database for example with phpMyAdmin, but it is most likely easier to start with a fresh and empty database and do the installation from the start again. Just check throroughly the values on all pages during the installations and adjust them in case they are wrong.

  • iionly, I already installed the elgg three times and each time a different database.

    Can I tell you what exactly WHAT I have to do the next time to not install the  occur more this error?

  • I'm hosting it on freewebhostingarea.com if anyone knows this host to install it correctly tells me please?

  • I'm partly guessing at what step your installation fails. I'm assuming you reached the page at installation where you enter the site details (URL, paths, etc.) but then get a 404 error instead of the next page where you would create the admin account.

    I had this problem also a few times when installing to a subdirectory. Then Elgg guessed the site URL wrong. For example you install Elgg to /home/user/public_html/elgg/ and the URL would be http://domain.name/~user/elgg/. But at installation the suggested URL is http://domain.name/home/user/public_html/elgg/. You have to keep an eye on it and make sure that everything is correctly entered.

    You should also check the .htaccess file of Elgg. Depending on your installation path you should set RewriteBase.

  • @eu : could you check whetehr your .htaccess is alright? Make sure its not empty, or copy htaccess_dist to .htaccess

  • It is not worth trying to install Elgg on free hosting sites.

  • @ webgalli also have a prob. My installation wont upload any files.

  • @ Iionly: I am correct in this part of installation and whenever I click save it to follow page 404.
    I installed the elgg directory on my main site eg mysite.orgfree.com / elgg
    and fields shows the following:

    The site URL, Followed by the trailing slash:

    The full path to your site root on your disk, Followed by the trailing slash:
    / Home / vhosts / mysite.orgfree.com / elgg /

    Already configured. Htaccess and put on RewriteBase / elgg / tried / sites / elgg / left blank but none of this worked.

    @ Cash: I am trying to install testal, taste and see if it meets my needs, so after thinking for a paid host.

    Thanks in advance for help from everyone, I will keep trying, if not I will be able to switch to another platform, since three out consigui install elgg, so I am trying to install elgg because from what I saw it and the best in this category and meets all my needs . So wish I could test to confirm.

  • As I tried to explain I think that the site URL suggested by Elgg is wrong.


    includes the path to you installation (root) directory not taking into account the alias configuration made by Apache. For the root directory


    seems right (upper - lowercase is important). The data directory could be then for example


    or whatever you named it.

    The site URL you have to enter is more likely just


    The RewriteBase in this case is most likely

    RewriteBase /elgg/