Rating Plugin Improved

the Fivestar rating plugin is great but i am trying to add multiple ratings on the same page.


echo elgg_view("elggx_fivestar/elggx_fivestar", array('entity' => $vars['entity']));

into the objects view makes the star ratings appear once, duplicating this line of code does not duplicate  the star ratings...i'm assuming this is because the rating is being applied to the entity, hence it won't be duplicated by adding a second line of this code.

any ideas how i can duplicate the star rating on the same page??

  • I really NEED this badly too. Does anyone here know how to do it? Thanks so much!

  • I'm aware of this issue and I would like to get it fixed, too. But so far I've not managed to find out why the rating widget fails to be added more than once on the same page. The rating widget is added to each widget but it should nevertheless be added where ever this entity occurs on this page, i.e. if it occurs in different view. Each view should be parsed for entities that are configured to be rated on. Unfortunately, the rating only is possible on the first appearance of this entity.

    To be honest I was rather busy lately with working on other plugins and therefore I have neglected the Fivestar plugin slightly (while I want to fix this issue because I have another plugin of my own that would require multiple rating widgets to appear I've not seen any other case where it was necessary so far and therefore thought it wouldn't have a top priority to be fixed). I guess I might give this problem another try when testing (updating if necessary) the Fivestar plugin for Elgg 1.9 which hopefully will be rather soon.

    Still, if anyone knows how to fix this problem I'm eager to hear how.