Elgg 1.7.3 security release

Elgg 1.7.3 has been released and addresses a security vulnerability.  Users are encouraged to upgrade immediately.  Visit the blog for more information.

  • Found the problem, Vazco_comments needed a dbase field by using the info area on the plugin. I had no such information. This caused the above error even after most plugin were disabled. It was related to that plugin but the error remaine after. Okay, live and learn.

  • Just when you think it's safe...WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH! I was playing with plugins this morning, trying to get captcha to show up, just turning a few off and on, moving them and wham...WSOD on my main site! I started unloading plugins, ones I had beem playing with at first, then almost all of them, NOTHING! Got on phone with hosting (a2 hosting) and they looked around everything seemed okay. They explained to enter file "disabled" in MOD dir, which I hadn't known. The changed things from blank screen to "page isn't redirecting". I get Elgg spinner for a second thats it. What on earth? First time for this. Looking at complete re-install now? What is next?

  • Complete wipe of 1.7.4 and reload, not getting any .htacces or htaccess_dist. Getting this instead.


    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare captcha_init() (previously declared in /home/tahoebil/public_html/mod/captcha/start.php:14) in /home/tahoebil/public_html/mod/captcha/start.php on line 40


    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare embed_init() (previously declared in /home/tahoebil/public_html/mod/embed/start.php:20) in /home/tahoebil/public_html/mod/embed/start.php on line 28


  • @TahoeBilly You should post your technical issues to the appropriate forum.  Link back to this thread if you are concerned about losing context.

  • Appropriate thread? Isn't that what the Amish women sit around and discuss prior to the next quilting bee?



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