Friends Widget has no "view all" pagination??

using elgg 1.7.1

I was looking at the Friends widget and noticed there is no "view all" pagination to view any remaining friends that are not shown.

Is this just my installation or are others seeing this??

  • The idea here is to add a "view all friends" on the Friends widget.

    As reference, I've looked into the Tidypics mod/widget and found this line of code which directs the user to the albums of the users page they are viewing:

                echo '<p class="tidypics_download"><a href="' . $vars['url'] . 'pg/photos/owned/' . $owner->username . '">' . elgg_echo('album:more') . '</a></p>';

    I've changed it to this to be appropriate for the Friends widget:

                echo '<p class="tidypics_download"><a href="' . $vars['url'] . 'pg/friends/owned/' . $owner->username . '">' . elgg_echo('friends:more') . '</a></p>';

    But after adding my modified version to the friends widget, the link still directs the user to their own friends page...any help out there??

    I'm assuming the $owner variable as defined in the friends/widget/view.php file is what's screwing this up. 

    Any Ideas??