Dear All,

I am looking for your help.

I am at the idea stage on this project and am getting a vps soon.

The idea is to develop a society that helps so it will be a social networkign site with an elearning platform built in.

Would ELgg be able to do this? Any ideas to further this to the action stage will be helpful. 

I am thinking of the following:

1) Providing free education - conventional, unconventional and skills development. The target is every one - young students, SME entrepreneurs who need tools and education for doing what they do better, executives, professionals etc.

2) The subjects will be everything, school subjects, technical subjects, life skills, management development, professional development etc.


What I am looking for in specific:

1) Is there such a  platform in existence? Is it possible to do this on ELgg and or integrate other platforms that are free and open source with Elgg?

2) Volunteers to help technically, developing relationships with institutions and learners ....

3) Angels, sponsors, donors (even small cents in big numbers can help at this stage)

4) Volunteers to hlp develop content.