Admin issues

Hi guys first post here.

We have just uploaded and set up an elgg system on my server.We had a test sytem running on a mate PC which we used to mess about with.That seemed fine.

But now we have uploaded to the web and gone live i am having an admin issue.Elgg seems to be working fine apart from if i try to post on another users message board it lets me post but always comes up with the message (user X posted )Where userX is the person whose profile i am viewing instead of me.Yet on our test server this worked fine.Is there an option i need to turn on or off.I have tried disabling the message board function and then switching it back on.But this makes no differance.

Also even though i am the admin of the site should i have the option to edit the others users personal details if i just go to there page.Or is this the same issue i ma having with the message board widget?


TIA guys