Forms and Related Plugins submenus and redirect questions

2 questions regarding the Forms and Related Plugins mod:

1.) How can I display certain custom submenus I've made when displaying a custom content form i've made using the plugin? i.e. form A show submenus a,b,c and form B shows submenus d,e,f??

2.) How can i redirect those custom forms to different pages after the content is submitted? i.e. form A ridrects to pg/profile and Form B redirects to pg/dashboard??

Thanks for any ideas...and Awesome plugin Kevin.

  • Hi triout,

    There is a dedicated group for those plugins:

    Best to post any questions there.

    In short, I think a. is not possible with the current code and b. could likely be done with embedded JavaScript in the response text.

  • Thanks Kevin, will post there in the future.

    Maybe you can help me on another note then...I'm trying to make a basic form where the user uploads a picture and the form emails the picture to the administrator then redirects them to a specific page, much like your plugin currently does but i'll need to do it outside of your wonderful plugin because i need to show specific submenus...can you put me in the right direction?

    thanks, Triout