Is this plugin still needed?

Is this plugin still needed?

Based on my previous use of this plugin, with an Elgg 1.2 site, I couldn't have lived without it. It was amazingly better than the default user registration system.

Cash / Brett, has the user registration, in your opinion, advanced beyond the Site Access plugin's ultimate capabilities?

I had seen this plugin updated for Elgg 1.6.1/1.6.2. I am wondering what is happening with continued development.

I would have considered this one of the top 3 critical plugins to use, at the time of Elgg 1.2. I have a feeling that it still is, but I wonder why Curverider never brought it in as a core plugin, considering how powerful and how much better it was than the default plugin.

Is it still possible for it to be taken into core? Or could a team get together, like TidyPics and get this thing really roling? Or maybe a business could sponsor it, for someone like Kevin to maintain it?

Just some thoughts, now that Elgg 1.7.2 is about to role out. Please respond, Cash and Brett.