Notification emails problem

I keep getting emails from my site with the following:


This was asked before in a topic here but no one posted a reply.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this so the message actually tells me what is happening on my site? 

ver 1.7.1 with the notifications mod

  • I just did a search through the entire Elgg source (including the notifications plugin distributed with Elgg) and did not find that string anywhere. I'd guess it is coming from a 3rd party plugin

  • Interesting thing Cash is that the only emails I get that seem proper are the ones saying I got a message or message board comment.  ALL the others are the I only know someone has done something on my site but not what...really annoying.  I did a basic install for a friend but she is using a different theme and different plugins yet gets the same messages.  Could it be something with the server (we both have the same)? 

  • I doubt the server can have anything to do with it. More likely both sites both have a bad plugin. Can you figure out what causes the notification message to be sent? Is it a blog post or a message or ...

  • I got the same problem with "notification_messages:message:wrapper", only when I have the plugin "Notification messages". A shame as this plugin appear prommissing.