Category listings - help

Using Elgg 1.7, when searching for a category, using the categories plugin, the search results return items in a somewhat lengthy page view. (for example ../pg/categories/list/?category=whatever) 

I'd like the results to look more like the file listing results that appear when you browse your own files (for example ../pg/file/admin )

can anyone clue me in on how to accomplish this?

thanks for any replies.

Example of Lengthy file listing 

Example of desired look

  • Looks like a bug in the categories plugin. What version of Elgg are you using exactly (you say 1.7 but is it 1.7.1 or the original 1.7.0?)

  • hi Cash,

    running 1.7.1 -- thanks for the reply. 

    it doesn't really appear to be a bug, but just a different way of listing the information.  The lengthy way in the first link is just a different layout i think.  My php skills aren't there yet to decipher how the other layout is being accomplished...   All of the files appear, and everything seems to be working right. 

  • @Leee - It's a bug.  Those two views should output using the same view type (list, in this case).  It looks like the categories listing is showing in some weird semi gallery view.

  • Looks like it is fixed in Elgg 1.7.2