Possible I found the Source of all the SPAM Auto Posting Attacks on Elgg Sites

It is possible I could have tracked down the site or online business that is making money from HARD work and Time that myself and many others have put into our sites.

I have over 4,000 Auto Generated Spam Accounts that someone has been creating over several months. Only way I was able to stop them was to TOTALLY DISABLE ALL KNEW SIGN UPS.

I now force everyone to Sign Up with Facebook, Google or OpenID. There is no other option thanks to these A... HOLES!

I found that they also are now trying another tactic that will upset a great deal of people on here. I am not going to disclose this other method right now but it could damage any site on here even This ONE!

I am going to POST this link so everyone sees it. I have traced and found this link a few times already so it keeps on showing up. These people are Using our ELGG sites to create PR4+ Backlinks and are selling them and more as part of thier So Called SEO Services. I am already sending a Detailed Complaint to GOOGLE to have thier DOMAIN and any others they USE BANNED from GOOGLE.

This will KILL their BIZ instantly since they are trying to destroy my site and many others. Here is the link see for yourself if you been SPAMMED with many accounts you need to search for this domain.

Also you better SEARCH your own Domain and find out if they have registered your same domain in their own Country.

Problem is they can Register Elgg.tk right now. The effect that this has is unknown but in the SEO World and Black Hat World it can be Catastrophic. Please anyone who has any information on this please contact me I am investigating this because of damages.


URL of Suspected SCAM and SPAM main site: http://freetrafficsystem.tk/