Getting User upload size


I am trying to get each user uploaded filesize , and would like to divide the total in two categories , Files with access_Id to Private and Friends  , and 1 with Public and Logged in Access - access_id.

I tried doing it with this code, it shows logged-in users file size correctly but don't show private files , can anyone guide me please?

function getUserFileSize($owner_guid,$access_id = 1)
  $files = get_entities_from_access_id($access_id, 'object', 'file', $owner_guid, 1000);
  foreach($files as $file)
  $size += $file->size();
   $size = formatBytes($size);
   return $size;
$publicfiles = getUserFileSize(page_owner());
$privatefiles = getUserFileSize(page_owner(), 0);
$filetypes = get_filetype_cloud(page_owner());

$body = rozce_view_layout('manage',$totalfiles,$publicfiles, $privatefiles, $filetypes);