Two Bookmark this and Report this links.

Hi Guys,

This is my first post, please go easy on me.

I've just started playing with elgg, I downloaded the "black_pod_free" theme.

Only problem is it has two bookmark and report this links down the left hand side.

Can anybody give me any ideas on where to look to remove one of these? preferably the theme ones.




  • If anybody else finds this useful I've had to comment out the lines in views\default\page_elements\owner_block.php

    I'm just not sure why this is in a theme...

    Shouldn't a theme be just that, styling for the active elements?

  • Artifact of early Elgg versions that themes have copied. Ideally, the theme should not be overriding many of the core views but doing most of its stuff through the CSS.

  • Thanks, I had the same problem with another plugin. Just for proper documentation's sake, the fix by Graham is from lines 72-84 (for Elgg 1.7.15 at least). Or just search for "reportedcontent" or "bookmarks" in the file.