Group, Privacy Options



I was trying to solve the problem related in my original post, i couldn’t do it, but i would like to change the message/name of the option to explain to the user that the option will let them just see the archive or topic as private. I will explain the problem when i attempt to solve it:

I could see that each group has the name of it in the elgg_collections table. The same name appears when i create a post or upload and archive and try to tell the privacy level of it (public, private, friends, only members group: XX).


I change the names in the table, but the text in the privacy option still is the same (the name keeps in the same way). How can i change the text in the options?


This doesn’t happen when i am using the FRIEND'S COLLECTIONS. They are in the same table but  when i change the name of the friend collection it change the name in the privacy options .