Messageboard to River

with the Messageboard mod enabled, is there a way to have the actual messageboard post appear in the river, rather than 'A' posted on 'B's' messageboard?

I think this would be extremely valuable for users to create more content with less jumping around, especially with mods like rivercomments.

I've looked into the create and add files but haven't found a way to display the actual comment in the river.

Any ideas?



  • Thanks RPG,

    assuming that my variable $result is good, then i need to be calling something different than i currently am in the create file,right? like this??:

    //grab the annotation, if one exists
        if($vars['item']->annotation_id != 0)
        $result = get_annotation($vars['item']->annotation_id);

        $url = "<a href=\"{$performed_by->getURL()}\">{$performed_by->name}</a>";
        $string = sprintf(elgg_echo("messageboard:river:added"),$url)  . " <a href=\"{$performed_on->getURL()}\">" . $performed_on->name . "'s</a> " . elgg_echo("messageboard:river:messageboard");

    echo $string . $result->value;


  • hmm, that should work.

    You know what... this might be a long shot but:

    Check your load.php and add.php

    in load.php

    $message = get_input('messageboard_content');

    and in add.php:

    $message_content = get_input('message_content'); // the actual message

    check to make sure you changed $result accordingly

  • @Triout, yes that should work. As long as create has been passed a valid annotation id, that's the code you need to display it.

  • Chad, I was just noticing that myself, will try shortly.
    Have you been testing
    this too?

    @rpg Ok, so I'm displaying correctly, it seems I'm still not passingthe ID correctly though. What looks wrong in the passing code I've written above?

  • are you calling add_to_river before or after you create the annotation itself?

  • solved. thank you, and good night :)

  • Related issue:

    I'm using the River_Comments mod by Prez, to comment these wonderful messageboard posts in the river now :)

    I've added this to the river_comments start file to make messageboard posts commentable:

    if (is_plugin_enabled('messageboard') && get_plugin_setting('show_messageboard', 'river_comments') != 'no') {
                extend_view('river/object/messageboard/create', 'river_comments/comments', $priority);

    Everything works great, the messagboard posts appear in the river and they can be commented on using the river_comments mod BUT, when they are commented on and the page is refreshed, that comment appears on EVERY messageboard post of the owner in the river. 

    Any ideas??


  • Ok I got one thing to say.......... How does a Person who used to USE BASIC PROGRAMMING some of you YOUNG Dudes on here will nave on clue what Basic Programming is. Now how does a person like me who still has a hard time understanding how API's work understand any of this and what do you recommend for me to start to learn all of this confusing stuff??? Unless they teach you all of this STUFF in Grade school these days where can I start??

    Anyone have an answer ?? I am currently Mastering the SEO Arts and for some reason I am able to Understand everything all the thousands of different ways that YOU MUST know to even make it in the industry. But for some reason when it comes to this PHP Code stuff and API's I cannot understand anything! Can someone lead me in the right direction? Or should i just forget about learning any of this. Let me know.

    I tried to make something close to a plugin on here and I really did not get that far at all. I would like to ONE day see a Share Button for TheWire like Twitter has. I have NO CLUE how I could begin to start on that. Plus I would like to see RSS Feeds being submitted to TheWire to where you can Auto Post either only the ADMIN can or you let certain users have this Privledge like Moderator accounts.

    I have ideas that many might not even have thought of yet but what I lack is how to do anything with these ideas.

  • @soldier,

    this topic is about the messageboard and river integration, if you're looking to expand and learn elgg, there are plenty of groups in the community and plenty of great people to help (as seen in this long list of posts), you'll find them in the Groups section.

    To help in the direction of your 'share button', have a look at izap_videos mod, they're using twitter facebook linkedin share/embed in that mod.

    To return to my most recent post(also see 2 posts up)...I am currently able to display messageboard posts in the activity river, now using the river_comments mod, any comment made by the messageboard owner on a messgeboard post is  appearing on EVERY messageboard post of the owner in the river...any ideas??

  • solved. thank you, and good night :)

    Great, how was the solution?