Messageboard to River

with the Messageboard mod enabled, is there a way to have the actual messageboard post appear in the river, rather than 'A' posted on 'B's' messageboard?

I think this would be extremely valuable for users to create more content with less jumping around, especially with mods like rivercomments.

I've looked into the create and add files but haven't found a way to display the actual comment in the river.

Any ideas?



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  • @RPG

    I removed the ->value, but i'm still not getting the post to appear in the river...what the heck could be wrong here?

  • when in doubt - add a var_dump() call in there (or use a debugger):


  • If you removed the ->value from get_annotations and are actually passing the annotation id from the add.php to the create.php, it should be working.

  • hmm, it reads: bool(false) and then the normal string('A' posted on 'B's' messageboard)

    any ideas?

  • check to be sure you are passing the annotation id correctly.

    If you do a google search for

    add_to_river elgg

    You'll get to the docs easily and see how it should be passed.

  • Ok, now using var_dump($annotation_object);  is returning NULL.

  • to call the annotation_id, i've inserted this to the add file:

     add_to_river('river/object/messageboard/create','messageboard',$_SESSION['user']->guid,$user->guid,$access_id="", $posted=0,$annotation_id=0);

    Judging by the docs you suggested, everything looks in order, doesn't it?

  • Alright guys, I really appreciate your help through all this. I've done everything that's been mentioned in this long list of posts, what i've added is in bold, PLEASE have a look and tell me why this is NOT working:

    in the add.php file:


    in the create.php file:

    if($vars['item']->annotation_id != 0)
        $annotation_object = get_annotation($vars['item']->annotation_id);

        $url = "<a href=\"{$performed_by->getURL()}\">{$performed_by->name}</a>";
        $string = sprintf(elgg_echo("messageboard:river:added"),$url)  . " <a href=\"{$performed_on->getURL()}\">" . $performed_on->name . "'s</a> " . elgg_echo("messageboard:river:messageboard");

    echo $string . $annotation_object->value;

    thank you.


  • I don't believe the add_to_river line is correct. Look at the variable $result in