Messageboard to River

with the Messageboard mod enabled, is there a way to have the actual messageboard post appear in the river, rather than 'A' posted on 'B's' messageboard?

I think this would be extremely valuable for users to create more content with less jumping around, especially with mods like rivercomments.

I've looked into the create and add files but haven't found a way to display the actual comment in the river.

Any ideas?



  • I suggest you look at 1.7.2.

    The messageboard has been updated there and the annotation id is passed to the river create view.

    You can either upgrade to 1.7.2 or use it as a reference to get your version to do what you want. Here's a tip, what you are looking for in 1.7.2 is in the start.php file under the function messageboard_add

    On a side note, trying to use Elgg to learn how to program in PHP isn't the best move...

  • @Triout, as like Rpg said, Brett and we all pointed you the straight direction. All the codes to make this are available in the elgg default package. Spent some time with wiki too. If you still fails here, you can hire some one.

    This is not a tough job. We have already done this before (See the activity Widget), thats why i gave you the hint on how to do this in your other post 1 week before.

  • @TryOut

    Brett's first 3 comments were right on the ball ;-D

    I suggest that you go ".. hiring someone to write the code" in Professional Services (I can recommend RPGR for the job;). You can then later read that code to figure out what you've doing wrong for the past 1 week and learn from well-written and correct code ;-)

  • Quick change to the add.php file, some testing. Done.

  • Hey hey- I'm having the same issue. I'm using Elgg 1.7.1 - it sounds like you've just made a "quick change" to the add file. would you mind posting it? I think we'd all benefit from it-thnx <3

  • Everything you need to know to "fix" this has been posted.

    Do you go to your auto mechanic and expect him to fix your car for free?

  • @RPGRealms, what would this "quick change" be priced at?

  • If I went to a mechanic to fix my windshield wiper and they said it was a "quick fix"...well I would hope he'd tell me how to do it rather than charging me for something I could learn. I would never go to a different mechanic again. :)

  • lolz.. last year - i went my garage for a state inspection. they said my suv needed new wipers. cost ? $20 for parts and labor. i could have done the same for $4 + 10 minutes of my time. i paid the $20 ;-P but php, elgg.. it somewhat very different. it does take some time and effort to become proficient..

  • @LeeLu - And if he told you how to do it and you still couldn't figure it out, as is the case here, would you expect him to do it for free?

    @triout - PM me.