How to translate top menu to....


I am a newbie on ELGG, so have some questions to clear. i did not find any plugins to support translate the custom menu to default language or how to do that.

i think some plugins of ELGG to translate the custom menu automatically to the default language, but i can not find it. please give me some ideas or how to do that maybe ELGG has the same feature or plugin like DRUPAL's plugin that can pre-define any words to needs, web pages will display in default language when visitors browse, thanks.

  • You can edit the language files. I am not sure if the topbar content is present there. If not, edit


  • shouvik I think he is refering to browser support of language translations not plugin language en.php

    you can add language packs to elgg

    or use the translation plugins available in here may be this one

    or something else from here


    HaPPy ElGGInG :)

    Do GooD :)

  • thanks, Shouvik and jaxcatz.

    But i mean that when a chinese people visit my site ,top menu to display the "home" to "主页“ like this. when a japanese people visit my site, the "home" to  "ホーム" and so on.

    But now Sociable Elgg Theme top menu "home" "group" "members" and so on are all just in english , so i think how to sovle my question. please give me some ideas. thanks a lot.


  • Elgg lets one create a new language files which would let users choose which language they want to surf the site.


    Or, use Google translator.

  • Elgg works with language packs.

    Open your ROOT/languages/ folder and you will see a file called en.php This is the English language file for standard elgg.

    Every plugin has its own language folder for its language. 

    You can download language packs from the plugin repository on this site (Click plugins at the top of page)

    Drop the downloaded language files (zh.php->Chinese, jp.php->Japanese) into the right language folders and it will work.

    To change your language login into your site and go to settings. Set the language there.

    To change the default site language go to Admin/Site Administration and change the language there.

    Good luck.

    P.S. If some parts don't change from English to the language you choose, this is because they are not setup to deal with multiple languages.


  • I would simply like to change "Groups" to "Home" in the top menu. Can anyone help?

  • @Trajan - I have already tried to translate Groups to Home, but it does not react. Strange since i can translate other menu words ?!?

    When I translate Group to Home, I can't even find a single place on the Elgg where it says Home instead of group, not just in the menu.

  • >> When I translate Group to Home, I can't even find a single place on the Elgg where it says Home instead of group, not just in the menu.

    Could that be because Groups is a plugin? Does the plugin have a en.php file that loads after your changes, reversing them?