A2 hosting, anyone use them?

Hi everyone!

Just curious, does anyone have any experience with A2 hosting, recommended by elgg.org? I was actually interested earlier in Arvixe hosting but I've read that they will only support something silly like 10 concurrent users at a time! I'm basically just looking for a cheap hosting site (~8/9 dollars a month) that can support a decent number of users at once.



  • We used A2 VPS until Sept 2009.
    $8-9 / mnth ??? u r joking rite ???
    gonna buy you diddley...
    A2 @ $100 / mnth will support about 50 users at once.
    Better believe me b/c we got the biggest elgg-based site in the galaxy @ 138,000 users
    and projected to reach 500,000 within 1 year...

  • thanks dhrup for continually dropping how big your elgg site is!

  • @String

    What package do you have w/ A2 ?

    I can analyze Elgg reqmts and give you quick answers...

  • Dhrup I'm happy for you and your success with fbfkids.com but all I know is that I've read multiple multiple posts by you on how its the "BIGGEST ELGG-BASED SITE IN THE GALAAAXXYYYYYYY"


    Anyways! I'm just looking for a hosting site around that price range but it seems like no matter where I look it's not going to support more than ~10 concurrent users at once. Is this true? Bare with me as I have no knowledge when it comes to servers or web hosting :(

    Arvixe has a ~$4/month deal for elgg hosting so I was tempted by that but after reading around it sounded like they could only support ~10 concurrent users at once. Is this basically the same for all hosting until you start paying for dedicated servers?

  • forget abt our $1000/mnth hosting...
    10 concurrent users -> shared @ $5
    20 - 40 --> VPS # 50 -$100
    50/60 ++ -dedicated @ $mucho
    Fk uses three dedicated servers
    and so...
    we got that right to brag...;-)

  • Thanks for the info, webmaster of the largest elgg-based community in the galaxy!

  • @String

    What package do you have w/ A2 ?

    I can analyze Elgg reqmts and give you quick answers...

  • We have none yet, I'm still scouting out my options :)

  • I have just moved my site to SiteCloud, which is run on an Amazon EC2 Elastic Cloud... not expenccive ($24/month for reseller account or $5.95/month for a solo account).  Personally, I am really impressed with the speed and uptime... it's super!  If you find the solo package is not enough as your site grows, you can move to a reseller account and run it with one site... you get more resources.  If you get mega, then you can move to one of their big deals...  They also have a one click install option for elgg 1.7.1 as well... I reccomend you check them out:


  • Thanks for the response Mark! Hosting on a cloud seems like a great idea! The only thing I'm concerned about is the number of compute cycles you get with the 5.95/month plan... Perhaps I'm wrong but Elgg doesn't seem to be the most efficient when it comes to compute cycles?