Is it possible to duplicate the "groups" plugin.

hello all

is it possible to duplicate the "groups" plugin and rename it?

When I do that I get a white page when I try to enable the new plugin.

I know the solution is in the start page.

  • Yes you can duplicate the groups plugin, no it isn't as simple as renaming it.

    It starts with creating a subtype of group and depending on how differently you want it to function the task can become much more complicated and involved.

    I  have three distinct types of groups running on my 1.7.1 Elgg install at the moment.

  • Thanks RPG...

    For the moment I just want the new plugin to work (befor I change it's punctuality).

    I also use Elgg 1.7.1

    What do you mean by "creating a subtype of group"?

    What I did so far is rename the plugin and replaced "group" and groups" inside (files names and files content).

    Thanks again



  • If you've changed anywhere it says 'ElggGroup' it's not going to even begin to work.

    Unless you are a programmer, this isn't something I even remotely suggest you try.

    If you are a programmer, start reading the docs available here (when they get finished with it and are working again), read the tutorials, study the code and you'll begin to comprehend what is going to be involved. This isn't something anyone is really going to be able to give you a quick fix for.

    What do you have in mind that would require you to duplicate the existing group functions?


  • wait for supergroups to come out.

  • @Yoram...

    You've obviously not read my previous comments elsewhere about cloning the Groups PlugIn ;-) I cloned the Groups PlugIn into "MentorSpace" - it was a nightmare.. while I've most probably got 10x the computing science experience as you have ;-) The "solution" in definitely not in the start page.. elsewhere and mucho coding mi a amigo...;-)

    If you wait a while for my real friend to release "SuperGroups" PlugIn.. you might be suprised but.. be prepared to pat some $$S`s.

  • Yup. The current version of Groups I'm working on I have about a week's fulltime work involved. And it's not done. Well it would be done if I didn't keep coming up with new things to try...Be happy to convert it to what he needs for the cost of about 40 hours work...

    So what's SuperGroups going to do over current groups?

  • Top Secret for Now ;-)

    but mi a amigo is working out *super groups that will blow away elgg minds regarding "groups" ;-) ;-) when we are ready we will publish info...

  • Diego Ramirez also cloned the Groups PlugIn - for us.. we paid him mucho $$$'s for it - we called the new PlugIn "Projects" - even though he left so many fck bugs..we had to spend some weeks fixing the fck code ;-)