making multiple sites


we used elgg 1.2 to create 1 walled garden site - we created it on a live environment - simply called it


We liked the basic layout and mods we did, so started a second site in the process. This one we named test.(ourdomain).com. we cut and paste the first code over to the new folder.

Now on the new site we can't get full admin, and many pages are blank.

Here is what my partner says

I've been trying to sort this out for hours without sucess.

I've migrated from one server to another, just simple copy/paste of files and export/import of mysql database. Next, I've changed everything in settings.php and in database. I'm using 1.2 version. And now everything works except that when I login as admin, I cant go to admin area because i get redirected to homepage. And when I go to settings page I get completely blank page. I've tried increesing upload size in php.ini, but without any sucess.


any help would be appreciated