Data Loss?

I just had to move my site from one server to another.  Although most things work flawlessly, there are a few members whose pictures are no longer displaying (just a grey ?).  I checked in the data folder and the pictures are there.  Is there anything I can do to get the pictures to display again?

  • Did you make any other changes such as upgrading the Elgg version? Also, what version of Elgg? Can you still download the original images? Did these members lose any uploaded files or profile photo?


  • I'm using Elgg 1.7.1  I didn't make any other changes, just moved the site to another server.  Members didn't lose anything besides the Tidypics photos.  The Tidypics photos weren't really "lost" either, since they are still in the data folders.  They just don't display and can't be accessed or downloaded from within the Elgg/Tidypics software.

  • Did your data directory path change from the first server to the second?

    Does the web server have read permission for the image files and all directories in the data directory?

  • The data path remained the same and there are read permissions on all the files in the directory.

  • Hello Mike,

    I faced a similar problem. I tried many things. What worked for me is, ...

    there are several folders in the data directory. I changed permission of all those too. [Dont know how its original permission gone wrong.] and it worked!

  • Thank you for your suggestion, democracy.  Unfortunately, changing the permissions on every folder in the directory didn't work for me.  I may have a problem with the database or something.

  • In tidypics/pages/thumbnail.php, you could add this line:

    error_log("The file is $thumbfile");

    on line 49 before the if test. Then check a page with a missing image and see what is written to your server's error log. Then check if that file exists.