ELGG RSS Invalid Feed Errors

I wanted to mention something about issues I have had with all the RSS Feeds with Version 1.7.1 Elgg installed. I have been discovering that all the RSS Feeds that are generated on the Elgg installed version 1.7.1 that I have been using are showing Errors when I try to submit them to Directorys and try to use them for my own Wordpress blog.

Also tried to use Google Feed Burner and can't with ELGG. But Wordpress shows a High Quality RSS Feed. Elgg Fails and I am not able to Submit this to other RSS Directories. This can be a hardship for others who use these methods to build on subscribers to updated content. I wanted to bring this up I have noticed this for a while now.

Will this be fixed in a patch or is there any Plugin that corrects this that exists right now?? Currently all RSS Feeds are showing Invalid Responses and are being Rejected from many RSS Search Engines on Submission. They are also being Rejected with Yahoo Webmaster Tools and even Problems with ELGG RSS Feeds on Google Webmaster tools. Please anyone let me know about this.