Elgg Modules in Joomla!

Hello World! 

I'm sorry but I have a little big trouble with a project. I'm working in an Institute student's page, in http://minikienses.com and I had difficulties. I will explain the idea. 

The main page have news about what happens in the institute and links to some static content. The main page is powered by Joomla!. Additionally we have a social network placed in http://minikienses.com/redsocial where people is.

We want to give more importance to the social network. My intention is to place modules in joomla! displaying social network content, similar to the custom_index widgets. So We want to show for example latest users, latest groups, latest blogs etc. 

I have read all documentation that I could like this: http://community.elgg.org/pg/pages/view/3952/  and tryed to iframe mods but nothing worked, allways fail a call to some file or a 500 error appears. I tryed writting in a php module in joomla callings to the elgg data, but I'm not an expert in PHP. Another idea is use any kind of RSS syndication from elgg to joomla!. 

Please, help me, any help or idea will be welcome.