How to create a new type of input field?

Hi Elggers,

                 Is there Any Possible way for creating new type of input into input folder. And also How did register that one  with Profile managers Replace field's "Pulldown" option?

  • Finaly i got answer with that two person's help Mukherjee and  Jeroen Dalsem

    i explain Myself with us....


      • mod/profile/Start.php

      • Add following into function profile_init() {

        $options = array();

        $options["show_on_register"] = true;

        $options["mandatory"] = true;

        $options["user_editable"] = true;

        $options["output_as_tags"] = true;

        $options["admin_only"] = true;

        $fieldtype1 = "lingesan_Text"; specify the file name from input folder

        add_custom_field_type("custom_profile_field_types", $fieldtype1, elgg_echo($fieldtype1), $options);

      • Creating files in input and output folder.

      • Creating separate class file into theme css file. And mention that class file in this input file.

    That is tha way of code for adding different options into pulldown box in replacing profile field..

    friends Share yours different ideas with me....