images not showing - new install, new user

Hey there, I'm new here and I've successfully installed elgg on my Ubuntu server.  I am unable to see images in elgg.  I upload them, and I don't end up seeing the image or thumbnail.  I have been able to successfully upload txt files, so the upload seems to work.   There appears to be something weird with images though.  If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.




  • aha !!
    that old ?>[line feed] problem !!! ;-)
    kewl thx...
    and so now we know the full story after all that chasing the wind ;-P

  • I'm experienceing a similar problem,

    I copied my elgg installation from my old 1 and 1 shared hosting to a cloud server.

    followed instructions here

    and here

    The old pictures, files, profile photos and videos are showing from before the move, it acts like its uploading, and says photos been uploaded, but when i add new files, photos and profile pictures they dont show, and ive just checked the data folder and theyre not there

    When i add i zap videos the page goes white

    I added some events to calender yesterday and they were ok for a few hours then something happened and now they show as jan 1st 1970

    Can anyone give me any suggestions please.?

  • I just realised, i think the event calender things were ok until after i tried uploading a profile picture. and i beleive its after that it knocked the date out on them.  (but can't say 100%)