user delete blank page

when I'm trying to delete an user I'm getting a blank page and the user isn't deleted... why?

I'm using firefox. On iexplorer 8 it says Error 500

  • hi ,

     how did you try to delete the user  ??


    anyway  you can try to use  Database Validator

    it worked very well for me 

  • I just go on the user page and click "Delete". I also tried "deleteMe" plugin and the same result

    I tried your database validator and it doesn't find anything to fix. Everything seems to be OK

  • Gatz, Its better you ban the users rather than deleting them... there are a lot of posts regarding  this

  • I appologise if it was already discussed, but I used search and didn't found anything. Anyway I'm interested in deleting users even if it's better to ban them

    Edit: for now I just delete it directly from database.. but that isn't recomended

  • Deleting users is basically fixed in Elgg 1.7.1 and above. I believe the only outstanding issue is deleting users who uploaded files using the files, tidypics, and izap plugins and those plugins have been disabled on the site.

    There are instructions on dealing with blank pages on the wiki here:

  • With regard to things like files, tidypics and izap leaving content behind, why not develop uninstall routines for them that can be run to clear out the related files and data before disabling the mod?

  • You don't want to delete all the data for a plugin just because it is disabled. We would need to add a special "never more" button for when site maintainers are convinced that they don't plan to bring back the plugin.

    The actual issue is that those plugins register a PHP class to be loaded when one of their objects is loaded. If the plugin is disabled, the class is not available and Elgg throws a fit. This can be fixed by checking if the class exists and if not, treat it like its parent class.


  • I agree you wouldn't want to do it when just disabling, but what I mean is have the option available as an 'uninstall', if that is what the admin wants to do. The one thing I notice testing a lot of the plugins, is a lot of extra data gets left in the database sometimes.

    This is something the plugin developers can do, and I think would be better than trying to build it into the core. The mod developers know what their code ties to and how, and should be able to decouple things without an issue.

    Core-wise I could see adding a feature to admin for plugins similar to "settings" that can be hooked into for an "uninstall'.


  • 1.8 is going to add hooks for plugin authors to use for installing (and I think uninstalling) plugins.

    As for the issue I mentioned, I just fixed it so deleting users should be completely safe from 1.7.2 forward.

  • @Cash -- Is v1.7.2 and/or v1.8 production safe & ready and certified ? or am I whistling in the dark...?