1.7.1 doesn't install

Clean install of 1.7.1 doesn't work. "User avatar" and "toolbar_logo graphic" instead of images. The popup window "click to dismiss" doesn't work. Edit page on the Dashboard points to javascript:void(0); can't enable plugins as the buttons don't work.

1.7.1 not stable then?

  • Have you read the docs about Elgg requirements and troubleshoot?

  • Codebrane, there are bugs in 1.7.1, but nothing that should cause the general meltdown you are describing.

    If you are going to ask for help on elgg.org with a standard Elgg release (rather than something in SVN), especially one that has been out for months, then I think it would be wise to assume that your problem is server specific and provide details about your server and the process you went through to install the release. That might allow people to help you.

    It would be especially important to describe the non-core plugins you may have installed.

    Attempting to blame the code with a general swipe like "1.7.1 not stable then" is silly and possibly even vaguely insulting to the developers.