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A list showing the sign on activity is missing.

I often use the function on other communities that shows a list of who has signed on with the first person being the latest who has signed in (often online too).


It is not a list of newest members and they don't have to be online. It is simply a plugin listing the users who has recdently signed on/logged in to the page. Hard to explain but it when a member logs in, then the member will be the first on the list, when a member logs in after the first one, then that member will be added above and so on and so forth. Maybe listing like 10 latest logged in members


I know it doesn't sound that cool, but it really adds dynamic and up-to-date activity to any community. I am quite surprised that I couldn't find it for elgg.

  • What you mean is a list of the latest logins?

  • What I mean is a list showing a log of what is often called "Recently active members" as avatars.

    So as an old member (who is no longer on the "New members" widget), when I sign in/log in, my avatar will show on this "recently active members" widget. When someone sign in/log in after me, that persons avatar will show next to mine (or under mine on a list) and so on and so forth. Just like the "New members" widgets, but with members signing on/loggin in instead of signing up/being new.


    You might ask of purpose when we have the "online" members. But on this your avatar stays after you are logged out (knda leaves your footprint stating "you've been there") and it is very different dynamic when you have a site with let's say 200+ online members, then it is a nice feature to check and see who has just logged in. The same goes for any new community with let's say less than 50 members. It is nice to drop in on a website and leave a footprint as your avatar on such a list - and be seen. It shows dynamic and the list will constantly change (which can't be said about the "New members" list/widget).


    I believe they got it on and I was surprise to see that we don't on elgg.

  • @Chris
    be more specific, but concise..
    I can most probably code this feature in abt 15 mins.. but you need to state very concise specs.

  • @ DhrupDeScoop: I will try and explain all you need.

    I want a "custom index widget" or an extra tab in Tools->Members ( where you already find:

     Newest - Popular - Active


    I want one saying "Recently logged in" or "Latest visits" or simply "Visits". So when a user pops in, his/her avatar/picture will be added to this list,  with same design as the other lists do with their specific ideas or the same design as the widget on "custom index widget plugin". It might be too simple to see the point, but I promise it works wonders once it is made. Let's say that you have 20 different users logged in the last hour, this "Visits" list will show 20 new faces.



    Example to see the need for it:

    A Forum which is a more closed community, let's say a school. They don't see much dynamic in "Newest" as no new people joins really. And "Active" well ... that only shows who is here NOW. But you don't get to see who logged in before/after you did. The "Popular" isn't so much my thing to use....

    People often sit and reload this kind of list over and over on other communities I use. GREAT way to find new people.


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    (and please look away from the topic/title - quite confusing, I realized that now)

  • Here's what I mean:


    It's the function: "Recently logged in".

    Sadly, his plugin has got so many bugs and is more made for fun than serious listing of users.

  • If you look at a page like this (using BuddyPress) you'll see that they for sure place it on the main page:


    It is not the recently signed-up it is the recently signed-in.

    really miss this function at elgg.