GPL/ SIngle-Site Licenses/Etc

Let us discuss this academic issue here

Honestly, I doubt you can legally enforce those provisions. It could seriously be called into
question as to whether or not your plugins are a derivative work.

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me.. ? I was just voicing my thots.. please feel to engage an academic (respect to your
contributions and etc ) discussion b/c I think I see your good point ;-)

Ron Wallace

I think most support comes in the first time when someone buys anything. Then, any extra
sales to the same party is pure gravy. Many industries have multi-item prices. We give free
shipping on orders over $40. We offer substantial Customer Appreciation discounts to our
customers, sometimes we even offer items for or below our cost. We have a customer rewards
program, they earn points they can spend. We're always looking for ways to keep our customers happy and coming back for more.

In this case, I know we would have invested in a number of other Vazco plugins. I really like the
support and products offered. We were a happy customer.

I am all for developers making a good wage. Like I said, I have no problem with single user
licenses. But I think it would be good that they also offer some kind of incentive for multi-site
purchases. Don't hide it. Don't make me email or ask for it. Just offer it. For developers it's just
extra free cash that's not going to require any support, and most importantly a good customer
that will keep coming back for more. And my guess is that most folks will only have one site,
so they are only really offering it to their best customers anyway. Don't penalize them for being
a good customer, reward them.

I'm sorry for using the bandwidth here for this discussion. I know it's suppose to be about the
Group Widgets plugin, but I do think it's important discussion that can help developers and
users understand each other -- or at least understand me (ha!). Feel free to move it someplace
if it's getting in the way of the intended discussion here.


  • I was actually replying to vazco, but it's a good discussion :)

    Plugins are not standalone items, they require, and by my reasoning are derived from the Elgg code which is released under the GNU license. That would tend to indicate that while you can charge for it, you can't restrict the use of the item after it is paid for.

    And how are you going  to identify your code being used when you can't see the code powering their site? Many plugins do similar things. How do you know they didn't come up with the same idea and similar implementation? How do you know they didn't use your code as an idea base and build their own version?

    Then we get back to, can you really restrict open source code? It sort of goes completely against the concept of open source...


  • @Ron
    My business model would be quite simple...
    commercial version = $20/ single site
    you want more sites after the 1st site ?
    why ? because you are already my customer ;-)