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When I go to the "all vidoes" if I try and go to the next page it just stays on the same page,but if I go to "friends videos" it will go to the next page.

I'm running 1.7.1 and 3.6.2b

Any help?

  • I found a page called gruopVideos.php in the izap plugin,could that be the problem?It's a funny way to spell it if it's correct.

  • The strange spelling of gruopVideos.php might have been a typo when it was introduced or there might have been a valid reason for it at that point in the past. But in start.php the spelling is the same, so it's okay and shouldn't cause a problem.

    Version 3.62b introduced some adjustments for the Elgg 1.7 API. Maybe the pagination is set to false somewhere in the code. I've not uploaded more than 10 videos on my Elgg 1.7.1 test site so I don't know if this problem would occur, too.

  • Thanks for the reply,I didn't have more than ten also,but one user has over 1000,so I just added some youtube videos to my profile and I had the same problem.

    I've gone the money route,and I'm going to pay to have it fixed,I'll make sure to share the fix.

  • Another issue you "might" be interested to look at on your money route: deleting of videos and all related files from the server if you delete a video from the site. I had reported this bug already and it already was fixed - took a while... But then it was introduced again(!) with version 3.62b. Very annoying!

  • Ha...weird,that's one problem I don't have because I don't allow video uploads,just urls.I was using a version from almost a year ago,then I got brave and updated everthing.Lost only one plugin from the upgrade,but replaced it with another.It is a pain to upgrade!

  • You might have this problem, too. When adding videos via URL for example from youtube or vimeo a preview image is saved in the data directory. This image might also not get removed.

  • I've almost managed to fix it. FLV video, original video and snapshot already get removed again. But the new second preview pic stays on the server. I'll have to look into it... or the izap guys maybe fix it at last!

  • You are a better man than I


  • Check my latest comment at the izap_videos 3.62b plugin page for what I modified to get the video files and the old snapshot file removed. The only problem is that the new second snapshot pic doesn't get removed. I'm not sure if it gets even used anywhere. Maybe it just gets created and then forgotten...