Display widgets in mod page ?

Hi there!

I would like to display a widget in a mod page that I've created.

How can I do that? Because, I tried to use display_widget but it seems not working...


  • Are you using the widgets layout?

  • Thx Cash!

    I don't know what's widgets layout?

    I would like to load a widget in a mod page that I've created...

  • Layout is determined by http://reference.elgg.org/views_8php.html#9a50c9a0639784e3444c3f2428a5b826

    The layouts are listed in /views/default/canvas/layouts

    If you are just trying to include a single widget, using display_widget() will work.

  • Unfortunately, not... By the way, how to know the name of the widget? It's written in the plugin, right? Such as add_widget_type('market',elgg_echo("market:widget"),elgg_echo("market:widget:description")); where 'market' is the widget name?

    For example, I tried to put display_widget('market'); according to market plugin, see my code below in index.php:

            require_once(dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__))) . "/engine/start.php");
            $user = get_input('username');
            $body = display_widget('market');
            $title = $user->name;
            page_draw($title, $body);

    But not working :(

  • Here is the documentation on display_widget(): http://reference.elgg.org/engine_2lib_2widgets_8php.html#437e48ca1d2faacc4a3587aa83bac65f

    It does not take a string as a parameter, but the widget object.

  • Oh...my mistake, sorry!

    But this code still not working:

            require_once(dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__))) . "/engine/start.php");
            $user = get_input('username');
            $user_guid = $user;
            $context = 'market';
            $column = 1;
            $widget = get_widgets($user_guid, $context, $column);
            $body = display_widget($widget);
            $title = $user->name;
            page_draw($title, $body);

    Any idea?

  • The documentation states that get_widgets gets an array of widgets. Plus, when a widget type is registered, it does not create any widgets. Take a look at the add widget action for how to create a widget.

  • Can't get what you mean... I've hacked the defaultwidgets plugin in order to have multiple default context widget such as dashboard and profile and I'm trying to add this defaultwidget in a new mod plugin...

    I will reengineer profile mod...

    Anyway, thx Cash...

  • Ok, I got it!

    Just copy index.php from dashboard code in /dashboard and replace by your context. Now, I would like to do a plugin with that...

  • Finally, I succeed!

    I'm going to package a plugin for you guys ;)