HELP! Problem Uploading Profile Picture

Perhaps someone can assist me? i just installed elgg and everything seems to be working fine except every time i try to upload a profile picture, I get a green box accross the top saying "Sorry, there was a problem uploading your profile picture"

I can upload files, and do everything else on the site, i've tried different sizes and types of images...none work.

PLEASE HELP!!!! thanks in advance.


  • Can you upload a file using the file plugin?

  • Hi Cash,

    I have the same problem. I just installed version 1.7.6 using Softaculous on a freshly installed cPanel...i can upload files but not a profile picture.

    Some help is greatly appreciated!



  • @hekolo and Global, do you have gd library enabled? Even if gd library is not availalbe, you can upload files. Try to upload an image and check whether you are seeing it resized, using the files plugin.

  • This error shows up as well when you try to upload a picture that is not in of the three required image formats (GIF, JPG or PNG). You can also try if you can upload a group icon the groups plugin. If that also fails then it's probably an error in the GD library as Team Webgalli mentioned. Check that using the phpinfo().

  • @Team WebgallI and M.R.A. Walkers: GD Library - That solved the problem. Thank you very much!