elgg on a local server

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I'm working on setting up elgg in eclipse as part of my thesis work. However I'm fairly new to eclipse, and elgg too. I have a lot of problems setting up elgg. I googled a lot and did not find many related articles. That's why I come to the community for help.

My OS is windows XP, Eclipse for PHP developers Helios release.

I could set up a Tomcat 6.0 server in eclipse and I tested it to make sure it works. But I don't know how to do elgg next. I imported the newest archive file of elgg and tried to mount it to the local server but when I open a browser to access it I got 404 error. Could you give some instructions?

If eclipse is not your preferred environment for a local copy of elgg please suggest one. A very friendly member, James, suggests MAMP and XAMPP to me. I figured that MAMP is for mac only so I'm looking at XAMPP now.

I really appreciate that you can take time to offer help.