Views & elgg_view_listing

Hi Guys,

i require a little help with the use of views in a plugin;

In a plugin, is it okay to make a copy of core -> views/default/entities/entity_listing.php

and drop it into my plugin and change the css div calls to new ones matching the plugins own css.php

This works to change the look & format of the output from  elgg_view_listing($icon, $info) for the plugin. But i'm not sure if this is good practise.

my start.php makes the typical call to extend the css, but I have not included any extend view code for the aforementioned list call and i wonder if it should?

What I really want to achieve here is to create a listing view that is 3 columns $icon, $info1, $info2 but it seems elgg_view_listing / entity_listing.php won't allow or do anything with the $info2 as per its standard definition, even with the copy of entity_listing.pho is edited to use it. I suspect i'm taking the wrong approach in producing this type of view. Any feedback, comments is super helpful & appreciated.