Editing the default theme css file


I installed a new copy of elgg and im trying to edit the default theme css. Im basicly trying to make a right to left version of the default theme.

As far as I can tell the css file for the default theme is located under views/default/css.php

The html pages load the _css/css.css file which loads the current theme css file from cache.

The problem is that in the html pages there are some DIV tags such as #index_right and #index_left which are not defined in views/default/css.php they are loaded by _css/css.css into the html pages but I have no idea where they come from or how to edit them.

Any idea where they are defined ? I dont understad the structure of the css files layout of the default theme, _css/css.css combines a few css files, where are they located?


  • Every plugin has its own css.php file found in:


  • when you log in as admin you see settings and administration  on the top bar , I want to change the color of the text settings and administration  what exact css file should I target? I have looked through and through views/default/css.php  and still unable to make the change even after doing upgrade.php. Please help. Thanks.

  • @ikpoho


    if you are using default theme then look for the usersettings class.  More specifically look for code


    #elgg_topbar_container_left a.usersettings {

    margin:0 0 0 20px;




    #elgg_topbar_container_left a.usersettings:hover {




    in views/default/css.php


    I guess that should do the work for you. 

  • @kostis

    Thank you very much . It worked.