Using po-files as intermediate layer for translating current Elgg

I think, now I can already publish my (tested) idea and trick and they can be useful


Maintaing plain text-strings resources and translation is really nightmare both for developer and translator (all texts must be extracted to lang-files, localisations must be in sync with base language etc...)


But we can use Power.

  1. xgettext (POEditor for Win-users) grab all translateable strings from sources
  2. Users can edit translation inside po-files in preferred and natural way (recall POEdit again)
  3. They can update their work from updated (from time to time) *.pots

They can even work in collaborative model online (Launchpad, why not?)

One small problem (for now) is converting ready-to-use po files back to Elgg's translation. I do it with one-line script and hands, maybe anybody will find better way

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Feedback and Planning

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