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Does anyone know of any offserver chat rooms that work well with Elgg?

  • Yes, try StickApps (foremerly known as Toksta).

  • Hi, new member and my first post, thank you for a great CMS, I am still background trialing.

    I have been a long time user of Flashchat and hoping someone has developed a plugin for it, the link in the above post is no longer valid, could someone advise or guide me please?

    Thank you

  • @downunder : there are multiple chat plugins avilable here If they wont suit your needs, it wont be difficult to develop or integrate any other chat system with elgg.

  • @DownUnder Okker ;-O.. Which "FlashChat" do you mean ? 123FlashChat ?

  • I have had a look at what is available, and to give credit where credit is due there is far more options than I have seen elsewhere.

    I have multiple disabilities and have never been able to understand how IRC chat works, ajax chats are ugly and difficult to read (forgive my personal opinion) Flashchat is to me the clearest to read and I also like the ability for members to be able to easily save the conversation in case anyone misbehaves, plus the many language options available.

    If one of the chats available can offer this, please feel free to correct me.

    (Have to take my wife out for her b'day, will be back in a few hours)

  • answer quesn = 123 ? or other ?


  • Maybe Flashchat from

    I've got it working to login to the chat room (on a friend's server) with the Elgg site username. It's also possible to embed the chat room with the FrameMe plugin in a widget on an Elgg site. The chat room is still accessible separately, i.e. you don't need an account to log in to the chat room and any accounts created for login to the chat server are separate from the Elgg accounts. Most likely it would be possible to restrict the chat access to Elgg site users, but I've not yet needed to think about it.

  • 123FlashChat Tech Support actually sends you the code to "integrate" with Elgg users & authentication ;-P


  • If the 123FlashCat people would include Elgg in their list of supported systems on their website it would be even better... Maybe even offering the code as plugin?!

  • I'm back, got to keep the Mrs. happy :-)


    Sorry for not explaining properly, I forgot there is a 123 flashchat, I am of course talking about the one from (Darren's script archieve) I have always integrated it with my web site so one login does both, then display it in an IFrame withing the web site so it as close to being part of the web site as possible.


    I just had a quick look at 123 flashchat, I would rather use the money to donate to elgg!