Part Time Coder Required for Site - Will pay good in your free time.

Hi Everyone,

I am new to elgg but not to website developments / graphic design. I have a nice idea for a custom website based on elgg engine that should go well here in Ireland...

I am looking for a good coder to pay for his time in developing this concept and bringing it to reality...all new and useful work will be offered back to the community..

Major site work includes the following:

- define differet user types and have different default profile layouts for different users

- Custom "group" layout with a user admin ability

- website will be pulling information from other databases automatically to dashboard

- custom index page / registration pages - PSD will be provided for all addittional pages throughout the job

- Custom Mobile application for iPhone / Android

As you can see this is a big job and i have not got every detail made as of yet..I have however started the project and it is approx 30% complete...I now need a coder to get involved to make the real magic happen.

I am ideally looking for a coder to take this on a part time basis in their free time and treat it as a ongoing concern because I won't be able to give more than a few hours a week to this project due to my job commitments.

I am willing to pay good and fair rates for your time spent and work done on the project. Someone who is a bit creative would really help to expand the idea further and bring their knowledge to the table....

If this is for you...get in contact and I will explain the entire concept and we can talk numbers.

Thanks for reading,


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Professional Services

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