Categorisation of Widgets

Have anybody thought of categorising widgets like widgets for Fun/Learning/Technical etc...? This will help in creating many number of widgets and will prevent overcrowding of the widget gallery. This can improve the user experience in Elgg.


  • yes, though it needs some work to make it nice. a widget gallery section, browse different categories, search by name, popular widgets, widgets of friends... of course this can be started from a minimal functionality. a similar functionality is in our todo list.

    But I think widgets are not suitable to have tons of them available as they are processed by the initialization routines on every page load, eg when you are reading a message from your inbox. we are planning a system for 3rd party addons like facebook, which won't be loaded by the initialization process, and will be available only on special library pages and profile pages which have that specific addon.


  • It's too early for this one, we may start it in 6 months minimum. as it's a system for 3rd party untrusted addons, it needs other implementations like security and a protocol to exchange data with 3rd party servers.

    Unfortunately our todo list is not flexible to change the order, nor we can take extra jobs. However for widgets, I would ask Jerone, the maker of draggable widgets. they make clean, essential addons for elgg. I think some of them are needed to be in the core of a community system like this. And of course there are more developers who make perfect addons, you probably know them. Just ask developers of your favourite addons, or drop a request to Professional Services group for offers.


  • "...been quoted unreasonable fees for other jobs...." ? aw cmon Addie -- Kevin, Pedro and I quoted you very fair rates ;-) or do you want us all to work for you for free ? lolz..

  • @adclose

    Ah, I thought you were talking about funding the 3rd party untrusted widgets and the widget center feature in our plans. Well, then yes, it's not that much to do, would take an hour to make it in the draggable widgets addon, if the categories are to be defined as constants in a setting section (no admin panel). May take 2 hours if you need an admin section.

    Sorry to see the rates you've been offered were higher than your expectations. But it happens, don't take this people trying to mess you, but sometimes the price in your mind just doesn't match the market. This is mostly true when you take multiple offers.