Design considerations 2 : Keep notices short and simple

It's understandable a painstaking programmer will want to add extended notices to a program he/she has written. But most of the time, it will be better and faster for users when these notices are kept simple or even not used, especially when the result of an action is obviously visible. Mostly no notices will be necessary for successful actions. You can instead use that time to comment your code, it will be appreciated by other programmers.

So you gave your hours and completed several functions just to delete an item from a list. You added a notice for each error state. You will probably feel an urge to add a notice for the successful state. "you have successfully deleted the message!" Well, if the result is obvious to the user, this will only slow down the usage of the site and bore the user. Like adding a "file deleted!" notice to Windows Explorer after each file deletion.

Also try to keep it as short as possible. Longer notices and unneeded words like "successfully" get annoying in time. If something is done, it's already successful. Like "You have successfully logged in!". You can use "Logged in", "Welcome back", or better, don't write a notice as it's already obvious to the user.