Driving User Uptake & Growth

Hi All 

I have recently set up my own Elgg network and wondered if any of the veterans and experts had any tips about getting users to your site.  Maybe this thread requires or already has its own group. If so please point me in that direction. Some of my initial questions are: 

what method did you use for increasing users.

Did you add lots of content yourself and then try and get users to join, or did you get users to join and get them to create content. How to get user coming back 

Did you go to forum sites that contain similar interests and post their.

Did you use pay for services (google ads etc) to get people to your site.

did you offer competitions/ prizes for people adding content

Lots of questions but you get the idea. Any advice is greatly received. 


  • I imagine you'll find it difficult to get ideas from other site owners for this.

    I looked at your site. You've got a strange frame at the bottom of every page. Is that there for a reason?


  • @Trajan... strange frame.. where ?

    @tomchip... u got a nice interesting question, which should be discussed loud in here... eventhough its difficult its not "that" difficult... logical planning and setting up aims and strategies should solve things out...

    I like to discuss more... but Im running outta time.. so will talk later byee

    I think many more should join here and talk out their experiences...


    HaPPy ElGGInG :)

    Do GooD :)

  • HI Trajan 

    what frame do you mean? 

    i'm not particularly asking for ideas for my site, i'm wanting to open a general discussion about how people got users to their sites and grew their communities.

    @jaxcats, thanks for your input well hopefully talk more later. 


  • First time I loaded your home page in CHrome it showed a strange extra frame at the bottom of the page. It has since disappeared. Maybe a strange Chrome anomaly.

  • Ok Thanks for the feedback, i use chrome so ill keep an eye out for it.