my account has been suspended due to pagehandler.php

pagehandler.php has disturbed arvixe's servers and causing it to have 40+ percent usage. what could cause this? as i only have like 5 people at a time online on my site? please help!

  • since there's no permanent fix to this then i'll just stick with a temporary one. i'm constantly logged into my ssh so i can see my server's cpu usage and if it gets too high then i'll just turn on maintenance mode until it cools down.

  • No timeframe on the plugin release.

  • I also recently had a similar cpu usage suspension.

    Arvixe suggested, " You need to disable the Elgg cron/script that is run to optimizes the tables automatically."

    How do I go about doing this? Is it simply disabling the crontrigger plugin?

    I'm still using v 1.5

  • 1. I would turn off some of the cron jobs

    2. You could turn off the garbage collector - though I think that only runs once a day so that shouldn't decrease any load

    3. I would install my eager widgets plugin to reduce the number of hits against the page handler coming from profiles

  • I'm having the same problem.

    I've checked cron jobs and none are listed.

    I've disabled the Elgg logrotate, garbage collector and crontrigger in Tools.

    Was any real solution found for this? And FYI, I'm with Arvixe too. I'm beginning to wonder if it's something they are doing/not doing.