Business listings - Integration

Hi Everyone,

How should i integrate business listing script such as adding business, search business based on city, state, keyword, write review, write ratings and etc. Such as

If i have code for this then how should i used in elgg? Guide me to follow in that direction.


  • Preface - it will be significant rework in any case, future maintaining (for sync with upsteam code) - well... headache... But if you still ready for adventure - and (slightly outdated, as it was mentioned some times)

    And in any case - you'll have to learn how to work the original code on the same level as it's author

  • @adclose, it will require rework - if I can't do some programming tasks in Elgg it doesn't mean that I can't see what and how must be done for getting needed results, because (for good Elgg's plugin) we'll expect

    • Ouput must be rewritten in oder to use views
    • Different part's access must be determined by Elgg ACL-system
    • Plugin's entry points must have transparent integration into Elgg (topbar menu, profile/user menu)
    • Plugin data must be stored by Elgg way (metadatas)
    • Some more details, which I miss in this "draft thining"

    It's a big task, MyHTML can solve just one small andl less significant part of jobs for such project